Pre-Purchase & Pre-Sale Inspections

Pre-Purchase & Pre-Sale Inspections

We specialise in carrying out both the Building & Pest Inspections at the same time! Saving money and only requiring one appointment for convenience.

Rodd Hanns is our Building and Timber Pest Technician, Rodd is dual qualified and is therefore able to carry out both inspections at the same time.

In having both inspections completed at the same time, we are able to note where items from each inspection may interact with each other, this is seen regularly within our inspections.

Along with the convenience of saving money, having both inspections completed by the one inspector will also save you time when you wish to discuss your report, by only having to contact the one inspector.

BPI uses the latest thermal imaging technology, and we pride ourselves in utilising these tools during our inspections. Thermal imaging can assist in detecting defects such as Water Leaks, Moisture Issues & Live Termite Activity. All inspections include the use of this equipment as a standard.

For more information on each individual inspection, please click on the links for our individual inspections on our webpage.

Our Benefits

Experience, 24 hour turn around on reports, customer service, quality, fully insured (QBCC Licensed Inspectors)


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