Pre-Purchase & Pre-Sale Inspections

We specialise in carrying out both the Building & Pest Inspections at the same time! Saving money and only requiring one appointment for convenience.

Building Inspection

Our professional Inspectors conduct a thorough inspection of all accessible areas of the building, in accordance with Australian Standard 4349.1-2007,

Timber Pest Inspections

A BPI Pest Inspection will determine the presence of wood destroying insects such as termites, borers and wood decaying fungi. We use Thermal Camera Technology …

Tax Depreciation Schedule

A tax depreciation schedule enables property investors to depreciate or deduct the original cost of property, equipment, and capital works such as renovations…

Handover Building Inspections

Our reports provide extensive information on the type of construction and its adequacy. Various Australian Standards may be referenced if required.

Our Benefits

Experience, 24 hour turn around on reports, customer service, quality, fully insured (QBCC Licensed Inspectors)


BPI Fraser Coast Building & Timber Pest Inspections

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QBCC Lic. No. - 1318788

Rodd Hanns
QBCC Lic No. 1109707